Thanks To (Teaser) - Junhyung & Yoseob



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THIS or THAT results: FLOWER choreo or CAFFEINE’s?

BOTH won!

Junhyung wandered around, flipping through books that does not even interest him just to pass time. He went to the furthest hidden part of the library where the books are all dusty and untouched for years. He closed his eyes and his index finger landed on a thick book. He flipped through the pages. He found a letter. The paper was old, the ink was fading. Curious, he unfolded it. As he read, he realised it was a suicide note. Not that obvious though. And it was from a decade ago.

Did he do it? Is he still alive? Did he changed his mind?


Yoseob mouthing Junhyung’s  rap in Shadow at Gayo Daejun 2013.

Cute Junseob moment!


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